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Premier Family Law Representation

Attorney S. Christopher Farris has been representing individuals and families throughout greater Hattiesburg for more than three decades. In this time, he has developed a well-respected reputation among his colleagues and the courts for successfully resolving highly complex family law cases. He is not afraid to take contentious divorce and child custody issues from the Court of Chancery to the Court of Appeals and even to the Supreme Court of Mississippi when necessary to do what is right by his client.

While only a select few cases actually go as far as the Supreme Court for resolution, attorney Farris is an avid negotiator and a forward-thinking problem-solver who is mindful of every option for his clients. Follow the link here to read about his professional background.

High-Stakes Litigation Attorney

Divorcing and separating couples have to protect the stability of their future, but this can be challenging when false accusations fly and veiling assets become part of the equation. Attorney Farris is an experienced family law attorney who will protect your rights – and those of your children – despite tumultuous emotions. Getting to the truth of the matter is essential. One of the ways the court ensures a fair process is through motions for discovery.

Even when you can agree to a property settlement or your child custody and visitation arrangement, seeking an attorney to proofread the fine print can help you sleep better at night. Dividing multiple residences, family businesses, investments, livestock, pets, automobiles and art collections accrued during your marriage in a fair and equitable manner is complex. Risking financial instability with a less than meticulously prepared settlement agreement is avoidable by consulting with Mr. Farris.

Contact A Knowledgeable Family Law Attorney

Before submitting a settlement agreement to the court or attempting to resolve matters on your own, email or call S. Christopher Farris, Attorney At Law, at 601-910-6979 to discuss your legal options. You can rely on attorney Farris to do what is right by you and your family.